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  Thomas Preud'homme c1f0f59491 Add copyright mentionning me in libgomp/stream.* 7 years ago
  Thomas Preud'homme 8eb6e4a338 Add control of pedantry about size of data. 8 years ago
  Thomas Preud'homme 7545a6222c Same buffer size for BatchQueue and native algo 8 years ago
  Thomas Preud'homme 57ff7e16b6 Replace SPSC stream by BatchQueue streams 8 years ago
  Thomas Preud'homme d94c652edf Replace C++ comments by C comments. 9 years ago
  Thomas Preud'homme 398fd66490 Fix freeing of GOMP stream. 8 years ago
  apop 2a002cb87f 2011-06-14 Antoniu Pop <antoniu.pop@gmail.com> 9 years ago
  apop 48de164d08 2010-10-05 Antoniu Pop <antoniu.pop@gmail.com> 9 years ago
  apop 5c1fb0cf09 Creating a development branch for OpenMP stream extensions. 10 years ago