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2011-10-03 22:36:56 +02:00
** pstack 1.3.1 **
Thomas Preud'homme (6):
Fix incorrect ptrace failure tests in crawl()
Add -Wextra flags to CFLAGS and fix warnings
Remove distribution specific variables in Makefile
Respect CFLAGS from the environment
Support DESTDIR and PREFIX variables in Makefile
Rewrite archive and cvstag make rules for git
Don't include .*ignore files in archives
Compile with -g -O2 by default
Make struct used by PTRACE_GETREGS arch-dependant
Error out if no object file header
2011-10-02 20:41:54 +02:00
** pstack 1.3 **
Baruch Even (1):
Improve error handling
Thomas Preud'homme (12):
Remove pstack unconditionally in clean target.
Don't fail with shared object without name
Fix incorrect error checking
Don't segfault if no _DYNAMIC symbol is found
Use strerror on syscall failure
Port pstack to amd64 architecture
Fix compilation on i386 arch.
Separate arch dependant and arch independant code
Add support for armel architecture
Include <endian.h> as fallback for endianness
Do not call perror in crawl() if no ptrace error