New release: pstack 1.3.1

Thomas Preud'homme 12 years ago
parent 8a440f169b
commit 8ade3d5cb9

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1.1 25/Feb/2002
1.2 12/Nov/2003
1.3 02/Oct/2011
1.3.1 03/Oct/2011

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** pstack 1.3.1 **
Thomas Preud'homme (6):
Fix incorrect ptrace failure tests in crawl()
Add -Wextra flags to CFLAGS and fix warnings
Remove distribution specific variables in Makefile
Respect CFLAGS from the environment
Support DESTDIR and PREFIX variables in Makefile
Rewrite archive and cvstag make rules for git
Don't include .*ignore files in archives
Compile with -g -O2 by default
Make struct used by PTRACE_GETREGS arch-dependant
Error out if no object file header
** pstack 1.3 **
Baruch Even (1):
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Add support for armel architecture
Include <endian.h> as fallback for endianness
Do not call perror in crawl() if no ptrace error