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Jingbei Li bdc1df9b6f update readme.rst to in 6 years ago
Jingbei Li 774f371070 migrate to python3
- updated .gitignore
- updated README to markdown format
- deprecated distribution
- updated optparse to argparse
- deprecated all coding functions
- fix some syntax errors

Now this package should be python3-only.
6 years ago
Jingbei Li aad446095c bump version 6 years ago
Goffi a4d71cb78e updated version number & changelog 13 years ago
Goffi 81d6de4e04 setup's description update, needed for pypi 13 years ago
Goffi c651690091 CHANGELOG update 13 years ago
Goffi 6c85b2df75 updated manpage is now installed 13 years ago
Goffi d5624e1af9 installtion: install script first draft 13 years ago