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  Goffi f2e43f64b6 fixed exit status 8 years ago
  Goffi 22799d148d exit status updated and shown in manpage 8 years ago
  Goffi fb6842153b Test suit 8 years ago
  Goffi 4271439cab non 0 return code on failure: 8 years ago
  Goffi bee2cd541d gcp DIR1 DIR2 better handling: 8 years ago
  Goffi 81d6de4e04 setup's description update, needed for pypi 8 years ago
  Goffi 47edb60307 Added tag gcp v0.1.2 for changeset b5c525dfec33 8 years ago
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  Goffi c651690091 CHANGELOG update 8 years ago
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  Goffi 504f6b9758 updated man page (added dereference and no-dereference options description) 8 years ago
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  Goffi f8d10637a1 README updated (contributions + thx) 8 years ago
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  Thomas Preud'homme 8e600353d7 os.stat precision fix 8 years ago
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