#5 WIP: Add dot_ignore file functionality to ignore specified patterns

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@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ import gettext
import sys
import os
import fnmatch
import os.path
from argparse import ArgumentParser, RawDescriptionHelpFormatter
import pickle
@ -214,6 +215,7 @@ class GCP():
self.dbus_object = DbusObject(self, session_bus, const_DBUS_PATH)
self.copy_list = []
self.ignore_list = []
self.mounts = self.__getMountPoints()
self.bytes_total = 0
self.bytes_copied = 0
@ -242,10 +244,36 @@ class GCP():
error (_("Can't read mounts table"))
return ret
def __fetchDotIgnoreFile(self, path):
"""Open and read dot_ignore file entries
@param path: absolute path of file"""
for line in open(path):
line = line.strip()
if line == "" or line[0] == "#":
# Skip empty lines and comment lines
# Create an absolute path to force matching from the base directory of dot_ignore file
pattern = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(path), line)
def __isIgnored(self, path):
"""Check if the current path is ignored
@param path: absolute path of file/directory"""
for pattern in self.ignore_list:
if fnmatch.fnmatch(path, pattern):
debug(_("Ignore file: %s" % path))
return True
return False
def __appendToList(self, path, dest_path, options):
"""Add a file to the copy list
@param path: absolute path of file
@param options: options as return by optparse"""
# Check if this file is ignored
if self.__isIgnored(path):
debug(_("Adding to copy list: %(path)s ==> %(dest_path)s (%(fs_type)s)")
% {"path":path, "dest_path":dest_path,
@ -260,6 +288,17 @@ class GCP():
"""Add recursively directory to the copy list
@param path: absolute path of dir
@param options: options as return by optparse"""
# Check if this directory is ignored
if self.__isIgnored(dirpath):
# Check if this directory has dot_ignore file
if options.ignore:
ignore_filepath = os.path.join(dirpath, options.ignore)
if os.path.isfile(ignore_filepath):
#We first check that the dest path exists, and create it if needed
dest_path = self.__fix_filenames(dest_path, options, no_journal=True)
if not os.path.exists(dest_path):
@ -269,6 +308,11 @@ class GCP():
# and skip file/write error in log if needed
for filename in os.listdir(dirpath):
# Skip if this file is the dot_ignore
file_basename = os.path.basename(filename)
if file_basename == options.ignore:
filepath = os.path.join(dirpath,filename)
if os.path.islink(filepath) and not options.dereference:
debug ("Skippink symbolic dir: %s" % filepath)
@ -592,6 +636,10 @@ class GCP():
action="store_true", default=False,
help=_("copy directories recursively")
action="store", default=".gcpignore",
help=_("file name which holds ignored patterns for each directory (default: .gcpignore)")
group_cplike.add_argument("-v", "--verbose",
action="store_true", default=False,
help=_("display what is being done")