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pstack - print stack trace of running processes

pstack dumps a stack trace for a process, given the pid of that process. If the process named is part of a thread group, then all the threads inthe group are traced. See the man page for more information.

This program was inspired by the 'pstack' program available on Solaris.

Supported Platforms

This program runs on 32 bit x86 machines, using ELF binaries generated from GNU compilers. If threads are being used, it depends on a debuggable version of the pthreads library to find the threads in the thread group. If anyone wants to port this to other architectures, please let me know about questions you may have, or achievements you have made. I'd like to incorporate such changes into my version of the code.


  • symbolic address dumping
  • thread group support

Build, install, uninstall

make install
make uninstall

Note: you must be root to [un]install. pstack will run fine from any directory, install just puts the binary and man page in 'normal' places (/usr/local/...)

USAGE: pstack pid [...]

See the man page for more details.