Rewrite archive and cvstag make rules for git

* Rename cvstag to gittag
* Adapt archive and gittag make rules to git
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Thomas Preud'homme 2011-10-03 22:33:11 +02:00
parent 27599168da
commit 3ec09496b9
1 changed files with 7 additions and 8 deletions

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@ -39,14 +39,13 @@ install : pstack
mkdir -p "$(MANDIR)/man1"
install -m 644 man1/pstack.1 "$(MANDIR)/man1"
cvs tag -F $(CVSTAG) .
git tag -s pstack-$(VERSION)
archive: cvstag
@rm -rf /tmp/pstack-$(VERSION) /tmp/pstack
@cd /tmp; cvs export -r$(CVSTAG) pstack; mv pstack pstack-$(VERSION)
@cd /tmp; tar czSpf pstack-$(VERSION).tar.gz pstack-$(VERSION)
@rm -rf /tmp/pstack-$(VERSION)
archive: gittag
@rm -rf /tmp/pstack-$(VERSION).tar.gz
@git archive -o /tmp/pstack-$(VERSION).tar --prefix=pstack-$(VERSION)/ pstack-$(VERSION)
@cd /tmp; gzip -9 pstack-$(VERSION).tar
@cp /tmp/pstack-$(VERSION).tar.gz .
@echo " "
@echo ""
@echo "The final archive is ./pstack-$(VERSION).tar.gz."