Goffi's cp, a fancy file copier
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# Goffi's CoPier.
# Copyright (C) 2010 Jérôme Poisson
# This file is distributed under the same license as the gcp package.
# Jérôme Poisson (Goffi) <goffi@goffi.org>, 2010.
# Goffi <goffi@goffi.org>, 2010.
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: 0.1\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-09-30 18:05+0800\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2010-09-30 18:09+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Goffi <goffi@goffi.org>\n"
"Language-Team: French <goffi@goffi.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: gcp:43
msgid "Error during import"
msgstr "Erreur pendant l'import de bibliothèques"
#: gcp:44
msgid "Please check dependecies:"
msgstr "Merci de vérifier les dépendances"
#: gcp:50
msgid ""
"ProgressBar not available, please download it at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/"
msgstr ""
"«ProgressBar» n'est pas disponible, merci de le télécharger à http://pypi."
#: gcp:51
msgid ""
"Progress bar deactivated\n"
msgstr ""
"Barre de progression désactivée\n"
#: gcp:62
msgid ""
"This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;\n"
"This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it\n"
"under certain conditions.\n"
"This software is an advanced file copier\n"
"Get the latest version at http://www.goffi.org\n"
msgstr ""
"This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;\n"
"This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it\n"
"under certain conditions.\n"
"Ce logiciel est un copieur de fichiers avancé\n"
"Vous pouvez télécharger la dernière version à http://www.goffi.org\n"
#: gcp:86
msgid "Init DbusObject..."
msgstr "Initialisation de «DbusObject»"
#: gcp:106
msgid "INTERNAL ERROR: invalid arguments"
msgstr "ERREUR INTERNE: arguments invalides"
#: gcp:110
msgid "INTERNAL ERROR: invalid source_path"
msgstr "ERREUR INTERNE:.chemin source invalide"
#: gcp:165
#: gcp:171
msgid "The following files were copied, but some errors happened:"
msgstr ""
"Les fichiers suivant ont été copiés, mais quelques erreurs sont survenues:"
#: gcp:177
#, python-format
msgid "Please check journal: %s"
msgstr "Merci de vérifier le journal: %s"
#: gcp:199
msgid "gcp launched"
msgstr "gcp lancé"
#: gcp:207
msgid "Init DBus..."
msgstr "Initialisation de Dbus..."
#: gcp:237
msgid "Can't read mounts table"
msgstr "Impossible de lire la table des montages"
#: gcp:244
#, python-format
msgid "Adding to copy list: %(path)s ==> %(dest_path)s (%(fs_type)s)"
msgstr "Ajout à la liste des copies: %(path)s ==> %(dest_path)s (%(fs_type)s)"
#: gcp:251
#, python-format
msgid "Can't copy %(path)s: %(exception)s"
msgstr "Impossible de copier %(path)s: %(exception)s"
#: gcp:274
#, python-format
msgid "Can't append %(path)s to copy list: %(exception)s"
msgstr ""
"Impossible d'ajouter %(path)s à la liste des fichiers à copier: %(exception)s"
#: gcp:283
#, python-format
msgid "Invalid dest_path: %s"
msgstr "Chemin de destination invalide: %s"
#: gcp:288
#, python-format
msgid "The path given in arg doesn't exist or is not accessible: %s"
msgstr "Le chemin donné en argument n'existe pas ou n'est pas accessible: %s"
#: gcp:293
#, python-format
msgid "omitting directory \"%s\""
msgstr "Répertoire \"%s\" ignoré"
#: gcp:310
#, python-format
msgid "File [%s] already exists, skipping it !"
msgstr "Le fichier [%s] existe déjà, je le saute !"
#: gcp:328
#, python-format
msgid "COPYING %(source)s ==> %(dest)s"
msgstr "COPIE %(source)s ==> %(dest)s"
#: gcp:429
#, python-format
msgid "%.2f PiB"
msgstr "%.2f Pio"
#: gcp:431
#, python-format
msgid "%.2f TiB"
msgstr "%.2f Tio"
#: gcp:433
#, python-format
msgid "%.2f GiB"
msgstr "%.2f Gio"
#: gcp:435
#, python-format
msgid "%.2f MiB"
msgstr "%.2f Mio"
#: gcp:437
#, python-format
msgid "%.2f KiB"
msgstr "%.2f Kio"
#: gcp:439
#, python-format
msgid "%i B"
msgstr "%i o"
#: gcp:447 gcp:452
#, python-format
msgid "Copying %s"
msgstr "Copie de %s"
#: gcp:479 gcp:512
msgid ""
"No saved sources with this name, check existing names with --sources-list"
msgstr ""
"Aucun sauvegarde de fichiers sources avec ce nom, veuillez vérifier les "
"lists existantes avec --sources-list"
#: gcp:489
msgid "Saved sources:"
msgstr "Liste de sources sauvées:"
#: gcp:503
msgid ""
"There is already a saved sources with this name, skipping --sources-save"
msgstr "Il y a déjà une liste de sources avec ce nom, --sources-save ignoré"
#: gcp:539
msgid "copy directories recursively"
msgstr "copie les répertoire récursivement"
#: gcp:542
msgid "force overwriting of existing files"
msgstr "force le remplacement des fichiers déjà existants"
#: gcp:545
msgid "preserve the specified attributes"
msgstr "garde les attributs spécifiés"
#: gcp:551
msgid "don't fix filesystem name incompatibily"
msgstr ""
"Ne corrige pas les incompatibilités des noms pour le système de fichiers"
#: gcp:554
msgid "deactivate progress bar"
msgstr "désactive la barre de progression"
#: gcp:557
msgid "Show what is currently done"
msgstr "Affiche les opérations effectuées"
#: gcp:562
msgid "Save source arguments"
msgstr "Sauvegarde la liste des fichiers sources"
#: gcp:565
msgid "Save source arguments and replace memory if it already exists"
msgstr ""
"Sauvegarde la liste des fichiers sources et la remplace si elle existe déjà"
#: gcp:568
msgid "Load source arguments"
msgstr "Réutilise les fichiers sources à copier"
#: gcp:571
msgid "delete saved sources"
msgstr "Supprime la liste des fichiers sources"
#: gcp:574
msgid "List names of saved sources"
msgstr "Liste les noms des listes de fichiers sources"
#: gcp:577
msgid "List names of saved sources and files in it"
msgstr ""
"Liste les noms des listes de fichiers sources, en incluant les fichiers "
"qu'elles contiennent"
#: gcp:585
msgid "Progress bar is not available, deactivating"
msgstr "La barre de progression n'est pas disponible, désactivation"
#: gcp:595
msgid ""
"Invalid --preserve value\n"
"valid values are:"
msgstr ""
"La valeur de «--preserve» est invalide\n"
"Les valeurs valides sont:"
#: gcp:616
#, python-format
msgid "There is already one instance of %s running, pluging to it"
msgstr "Il y a déjà une instance de %s lancée, je m'y connecte"
#: gcp:622
msgid "Wrong number of arguments"
msgstr "Nombre d'arguments invalide"
#: gcp:624
#, python-format
msgid "adding args to gcp: %s"
msgstr "ajout des arguments à gcp: %s"
#: gcp:633
msgid "User interruption: good bye"
msgstr "Interruption par l'utilisateur: au revoir"
#~ msgid "don't fixe name encoding errors"
#~ msgstr "Ne corrige pas les erreurs dans l'encodage des noms"
#~ msgid "Creating directory %s"
#~ msgstr "Création du répertoire %s"
#~ msgid "Progress: "
#~ msgstr "Progression: "