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NRGrip - extract audio track and cue sheet from an NRG audio CD image
NRGrip - extract audio data and cue sheet from an NRG audio CD image

This program works on a Nero Burning ROM's NRG image of an audio CD and is able
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At the moment, NRGrip doesn't take any options, you just invoke it with the name
of an NRG image:
To see the full usage, run:

nrgrip image.nrg
nrgrip --help

Basically, you can display the metadata and extract the data with:

nrgrip -ix image.nrg

The cue sheet will be extracted as `image.cue`, and the audio data as

To play the extracted raw audio data, you may use `aplay`, from the ALSA utils
(you can also do that directly on the NRG file):
The raw audio data from a CD is 16 bit, little endian, 44100 Hz, stereo. To
play it, you may use, for instance, `aplay` from the ALSA utils, or `ffplay`
from `FFmpeg`:

aplay -f cd image.raw
ffplay -f s16le -ac 2 image.raw

Note that you can also play the NRG file directly, if the sector size is 2352
(no sub-channel).

To encode the raw audio data to FLAC (and embed the cue sheet in it):