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octogene 923a09aecd Refactored Viewer double tap actions. 6 years ago
octogene b782807721 [Viewer] Color & thickness saving
- For each tool color & thickness is saved in memory.

Fixes #6
6 years ago
octogene 18a605d2f0 [Viewer] Add free line drawing tool
Fixes #7
6 years ago
octogene e8d42ae69e [Viewer] Fix toolbar UI
- Slider updates accordingly to thickness change.
- ColorPicker opens up with current color.
6 years ago
octogene 1d32fae162 [Viewer] Add tool control with numpad
- Using numpad to switch between tools
- 1 for arrow tool, 2 for line.
- +/- Increase/decrease current tool thickness
6 years ago
octogene 6aece5bbcb [Editor] Fix crash on open through file menu
Fixes #5
6 years ago
octogene 13a7140c24 Change README logo link. 6 years ago
octogene fbce336325 [App] Override autostart in Viewer
- Option added in preferences to override auto-switching to Viewer when
opening a presentation file.

Fixes #4
6 years ago
octogene bce499fcbe Code cleaning
- Removed unused variable
- Moved some variable in __init__.
6 years ago
octogene d837754c29 [App] Refactor loading method
- Parts of load_slides distributed in new methods load_presentation, extract_opah and
- Add some file checking before load.
6 years ago
octogene ac4c96fb13 [Editor] Save last directory in file explorer.
- User home directory is the default directory.
6 years ago
octogene 329fe8dc63 Fix setting panel crash on opening 6 years ago
octogene 3cb803a16e [Search] Fix metmuseum search 6 years ago
octogene 6b2dd84eaa Refactor Search
- Search engines specifications (search url, parameters, parsing paths) are now in included in a json file.
It should be easier to add or modify search engines without touching to the
- Fixed type error in
6 years ago
octogene 781dd23283 [Search] Fix engines dropdown menu 6 years ago
octogene fe55793ef0 Merge branch 'master' of 6 years ago
octogene 3fbdadd5d1 Drop Python 2.x support
- Fix urllib for Python 3.
6 years ago
Bogdan Cordier 668e6f4610 Merge branch 'fix_readme' of octogene/hadaly into master 7 years ago
Matteo Cypriani fcbfe437dd fix markup 7 years ago
octogene dcd06a2d17 Initial
- Refactored project structure.
- Fixed import.
- Add launch script.
- Fixed *.mo loading dir.
- Updated documentation
8 years ago
octogene 5fd99b895f Fix search results size & code cleaning
Removed forced option for logging & fullscreen.
8 years ago
octogene c7832922a9 Fix typos & code cleaning.
- Removed garden.filechooserthumbview dependency.
8 years ago
octogene 46b20adefd Add fr .mo for rtd & fix doc typo. 8 years ago
octogene 47ffe090b9 Initial commit. 8 years ago