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  5. Hadaly User Manual
  6. ==================
  7. .. warning:: This sofware is currently in alpha.
  8. Hadaly is an interactive presentation software. It allows to manipulate slides in
  9. various ways during presentation. The goal is to offer a practical
  10. presentation software for art historians or any art enthusiasts.
  11. It contains an editor, viewer and a search engine. The editor allows you to
  12. build presentations by creating slides which are a combination of an image and informations (e.g: artist, title and year). The
  13. viewer allows you to show and manipulate the slides. The search engine allows you create slides from different online sources.
  14. Presentations are saved as \*.opah files which contains all the slides image files and their metadata (JSON).
  15. .. figure:: _static/screenshots/intro.jpg
  16. :width: 500px
  17. :align: center
  18. :alt: Editor view
  19. Table of Content
  20. ================
  21. .. toctree::
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  23. installation
  24. usage
  25. interface