Various scripts in various languages.
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This repository provides a bunch of scripts that may or may not be of interest for you. All are free software, but we use various licenses; the license and copyright information of a script are given in the file's header.

The scripts are categorised into directories, and each directory contains a README file with description and usage of each script it contains.

For your convenience, the bin/ directory is maintained with symbolic links pointing to the scripts in the other directories, so that you can add it to your PATH and use the scripts easily. The file extensions (.sh, .pl, .py, etc.) are stripped. Only relevant scripts are linked, i.e. those that do not need to be customised in order to be usable, and that are not very specialised system administration scripts.

To use the bin/ directory, add something like that in your .bashrc, .zshrc or whatever file the shell you're using will source: