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Matteo Cypriani 73916dc3f3 [textproc] shellcheck 1年前
.. Merge latex and make_html2text into textproc 1年前 [textproc] shellcheck 1年前 [textproc] shellcheck 1年前 is a quick and dirty script that watches a file and calls make whenever a change is detected. This is useful to automatically compile a LaTeX document when saved, but can actually be used in any case where you have to call make regularly. To detect a change, a MD5 sum of the file is computed.

This script works well (at least) on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.

Limitations :

  • Handles only a single file.
  • The delay between two checks is not configurable. converts all HTML (.html and .htm) files in the current directory into text files (.txt). For each HTML file, it verifies that the text file does not exists, or is older than the corresponding HTML file; if the text file is more recent, nothing is done.

To use this script, you will have to install the program html2text. The option -nobs is used to avoid output of formatting sequences (bold, italic, etc.).