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ssl_mgmt is a helper to manage SSL certificates: creation, renewal and removal.
So far, only renewal is supported.

ssl_mgmt refers to certificates through the service they are associated with.

*** EXAMPLES ***

To renew the certificate associated to HTTPS, the command line is:
ssl_mgmt renew https

If you want to renew certificates of all services, you should do:
ssl_mgmt renew all

Note: This suppose that
* all services are listed in managedCerts in the configuration file whether
directly or by setting its value from a file;
* the root CA is already created;
* /usr/local/lib/ssl_mgmt contains an openssl configuration file template
named, a file serial containing a hex number indicating the
number of signed certificates so far, a file index.txt with a list (possibly
empty) of all certificates signed so far and the directories newcerts,
newkeys and csr.

The file system hierarchy assumed is:
├── csr
├── index.txt
├── index.txt.attr