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This script converts KDE/Konqueror's search providers (a.k.a. web shortcuts), that are stored as .desktop files, into a Firefox-friendly HTML bookmarks file, ready to be imported with Firefox's bookmark manager. Imported bookmarks will be in the "Search providers" directory.

The HTML is printed on the standard output, so you'll have to redirect it to a file, such as:

searchproviders2html >searchproviders.html

If your .desktop files are not stored at the default location, or if this script becomes out of date and the default location is wrong, you can define the SEARCHPROVIDERS_PATH variable in the environment:



  • Only the \{@} syntax is handled at the moment in input URLs. That means that if you're using numbered values (\{0}, \{1}, etc.) or named variables, they will appear as is in the output HTML.

  • Firefox handles only one keyword (shortcut) per bookmark, therefore searchproviders2html will retain only the first keyword from the .desktop file.