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Thomas Preud'homme 3110ed1288 [email_account] Adapt to new mail config on adagio
Remove useless code from email_account considering the change of
configuration for the mail system on adagio:
* No need to twiddle cyrus and restart it to connect to cyradm, just
  stop using --auth
* No default domain anymore (thus no special casing for it)
* No file listing current valid emails
11 years ago
README [email_account] Add GPL header and README 14 years ago
TODO [email_account] Update TODO 14 years ago
email_account [email_account] Adapt to new mail config on adagio 11 years ago


email_account is a helper to create e-mail accounts in a configuration
using Postfix mail transport agent with vhosts and Cyrus IMAP server, in
a Debian environment.

It allows to simply create an e-mail account and an alias for it in one

If you don't want an alias, you can just create the account:

You can also create an alias for an existing account:

To use this script, you have to be root, or to be able to execute
commands with root privileges through sudo.
You should install it in a directory within the PATH of the root user,
such as /usr/local/sbin.