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TODO Add TODOs 7 years ago [backup] shellcheck 6 years ago [backup] shellcheck 6 years ago [backup] shellcheck 6 years ago is a simple script that transfers a single directory (your home directory, by default) to a remote host, using rsync. You can specify exclude patterns in a file (~/.backup-excludes by default). The transfer will be reattempted until it succeeds.

Edit the script to configure the protocol, host, directories, etc.

This script is a wrapper to btrfs subvolume snapshot, that creates a snapshot of a subvolume, the snapshot's name being the subvolume name with the current date and time appended to it.

It is assumed that the subvolume to snapshot resides in a directory which needs to be mounted before making the snapshot (for example if you defined your default subvolume to your system's root, and mount the volume 0 on /media/pool).

Edit the script to configure the directories (and to understand what is being done).

This script is designed to save websites data files and the associated MySQL databases.

You need to edit the script to configure the databases you want to backup and the directory containing all of your websites' files (the “document root”).