Owl Positioning System: a Wi-Fi-based, infrastructure-centred indoor positioning system. http://owlps.pu-pm.univ-fcomte.fr/
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This is the OwlPS (Owl Positioning System) software distribution.

For an introduction to OwlPS, please consult ``doc/owlps.t2t``, which is
the documentation's entry point.

For copyright and license informations, please consult

For a guide to installing OwlPS, please consult ``INSTALL.t2t``.

The file ``CHANGELOG`` lists the changes occured in OwlPS, version by
version, since its early stages.

Finally, the file ``TODO.t2t`` is a list of potential work to do on the
system. If you are willing to contribute and are looking for ideas, that
can be a good start.

: Note on the t2t file extension
The documentation is provided as text files in the txt2tags format
(file extension ``*.t2t``). You can convert them to various formats
(HTML, man pages, etc.) using the ``txt2tags`` utility; if you mind
the markup tags, you can even strip them using the ``txt`` output.
``txt2tags`` is distributed at http://txt2tags.org/