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v1.3.5 OwlPS, version 1.3.5 (development point release)
This release features the usual refactoring and code cleaning, fixes and
improves the build system (the manual pages are now installed), and also
brings some more important changes listed below.
The scripts/ directory was added with two Perl scripts and two Perl
modules that were formerly developed in another repository:
- OwlPS AggCheck (owlps-aggcheck.pl), that allows one to analyse an
aggregation file in various ways: print human-readable information,
extract signal strength distribution, or extract the number of packets
per request and per capture point.
- OwlPS AggSetCoord (owlps-aggsetcoord.pl), that can be used to fill an
aggregation CSV file with coordinates, either statically or by
interpolation of existing coordinates. It uses the following two
- The OwlPS::CSV module, that provides functions to deal with the CSV
format used in OwlPS.
- The OwlPS::TimeInterpolation module, that provides function to
interpolate timestamped coordinates.
- New manual page owlps-aggregatord(1).
- New manual page owlps-positionerd(1).
- New manual page owlps-udp-to-http(1).
- A bunch of figures where added.
- Perl files from the scripts/ directory are documented with POD and man
pages are generated directly from the source files.
API changes:
- libowlps: the synopsis of owl_create_udp_trx_socket() has changed
(deletion of the client_description argument).
- libowlps-client: the synopsis of owl_create_trx_socket(),
owl_send_request() and owl_send_packet() has changed (struct sockaddr
instead of struct sockaddr_in).
- libowlps-resultreader: struct _owl_result.mobile_mac_addr is now a
static buffer instead of a dynamically allocated string.
OwlPS Client:
- -F now supports either an inter-transmission delay (old behaviour) or
a delay between the start of two transmissions.
- The error code when no results are stored has been changed
("NoResults" instead of "NoResult").
- Command-line options are now handled:
- -h and -V for help and version messages
- -v and -q for verbose and quiet modes
- -l and -t to set the port numbers
All the modules are now able to deal with host names and not only IP
v1.3.4 OwlPS, version 1.3.4 (development point release)
This is again a big release in terms of number of commits. Many of these