Experimental measurements done with OwlPS.
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Humidity: 59%
Hour: 14:00
/!\ The files for 100 and 1000 ms were wrong, since the Client was
started before the Listeners started transmitting autocalibration
/!\ The file for 500 ms was wrong, the capture point 00:18:84:d0:24:75
was not started.
* OwlPS Listener invokation:
2012-06-15_t01_s11-100_fon.agg (deleted):
owlps-listenerd.semistatic -A -vvvv -i -I -n 10 -t 8 -r ath1 -w ath0
owlps-listenerd.semistatic -A -vvvv -i -I -n 16 -t 14 -r ath1 -w ath0
2012-06-15_t01_s11-500_fon.agg: (deleted):
owlps-listenerd.semistatic -A -vvvv -i -I -n 20 -t 24 -r ath1 -w ath0
2012-06-15_t01_s11-1000_fon.agg (deleted):
owlps-listenerd.semistatic -A -vvvv -i -I -n 39 -t 25 -r ath1 -w ath0