Experimental measurements done with OwlPS.
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  1. t01 is the path towards CP5, and t02 is the return, from CP5 to the
  2. emergency exit. Both tests were done in a row and generated only one
  3. big aggregation file.
  4. t01 started approximately at 13:07, and t02 finished approximately at
  5. 13:30, but some time passed between the two tests:
  6. Timestamp of the last request of t01: 1368650837.872503991
  7. Timestamp of the first request of t02: 1368651254.630584995
  8. Difference: 416 seconds = about 6 minutes 56 seconds
  9. t02 finished approximately at 13:15, and t01 started around 13:22.
  10. Each test itself lasted about 7 minutes 30 seconds. See the dedicated
  11. report files for precise timing.