Experimental measurements done with OwlPS.
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4 years ago
  1. This repository contains campains of experimental measurements realised with
  2. the [Owl Positioning System](https://code.lm7.fr/mcy/owlps) and made public to
  3. be reused by the community. All the files are published under the terms of the
  4. _Design Science License_ (see the `LICENSE` file).
  5. Each campain lives in its own directory, in which sits a `README.org` file
  6. (plain text, in the org-mode format) documenting the experimental setup and
  7. scenarios. The measurement files for a given scenario are in a dedicated
  8. subdirectory, in which one can also find test reports in plain text format.
  9. This repository being quite big, you may want to do a shallow clone if you're
  10. not interested in all the history (`git clone --depth 0`). You can also
  11. download a snapshot archive.