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  Matteo Cypriani 476f311559 Update version number to 0.2.1 5 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 462676e803 Bump version to 0.2.1.dev1 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 7bff021cd3 Update translation files 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani c4db1808da i18n: re-generate gcp.po, update fr.po 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani e17dbfa1c8 i18n: first pass on the .po files 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani b83d37a5e9 Handle --preserve=all 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 7fa513de68 Fix typo "invalide" in user message 1 year ago
  Goffi 3929a9b6df gettext inclusion & French translation 9 years ago