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  Matteo Cypriani 476f311559 Update version number to 0.2.1 2 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 1dee9e218f Update 0.2.1 CHANGELOG 2 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 186e598a7d gcp: switch from GObject to equivalent GLib methods 2 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 721632baf8 README: GNU cp, link LICENSE, refer to manpage 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 9469a59718 gcp: vertical spacing 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 462676e803 Bump version to 0.2.1.dev1 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 8ce1846288 README: s/fs-fix/fix-filenames/ 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 07f53e4109 CHANGELOG: update for release 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 35b8fed792 Install man in man/man1 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 63870b25ed LICENSE.txt -> LICENSE 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 93c37d756d test: add test for --fix-filenames 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 7bff021cd3 Update translation files 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 81bd453526 Update/rework manpage 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 43da9301fa Rename --fs-fix -> --fix-filenames 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 0995d580c9 README: clarify installation instructions 7 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 007d04dd16 "Rename" gcp 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 28e8089316 README: missing dependency 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 6dbb4152f5 gcp: fix bug introduced in cbd9648 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani c3a865920e Move test_gcp.py to test/ subdir 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 4a2c1224f9 Get rid of MANIFEST.in 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani 7ba62cdfca Tune setup.py 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani de8fe1900c Tune MANIFEST.in 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani b2d16599a4 Rename COPYING -> LICENSE.txt 10 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani b2dcbd8368 README: add Installing 11 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani c86dae222a CHANGELOG: reformat, update 11 months ago
  Matteo Cypriani f99dcc1e2c First pass with Prospector 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani cbd96480c5 gcp: reorganize __copyNextFile() 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani c4db1808da i18n: re-generate gcp.po, update fr.po 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani e17dbfa1c8 i18n: first pass on the .po files 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani b83d37a5e9 Handle --preserve=all 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 2e0e8ba994 Add -p switch 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani d40548f287 Add -R switch 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 193a0e2784 gcp: reindent argparse code 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 307ffbea86 gcp: fix newline mangling in version message 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 2136a91df4 Rework setup.py 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 1de548e62f test: Python3 fixes & improve comments 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani e008689b9b gcp: run 2to3 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 97f8f0d752 Fix/update MANIFEST.in 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani f436127427 gcp: update copyright & version 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 4c02959204 README: retitle "What's next", link to tracker 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 7a6317a5e6 README: update, proofread, reformat, wrap 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani 7fa513de68 Fix typo "invalide" in user message 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani cd317355f1 Actually convert to Python3 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani ecfe87cd99 Add option --fs-fix=<auto|force|no> 1 year ago
  Matteo Cypriani b8fdd846a4 Rename README -> README.md 1 year ago
  Jingbei Li 580776117f Update README.md 2 years ago
  Jingbei Li 0d00e99525 Update README.md 2 years ago
  Jingbei Li a6a5cf3a03 Update README.md 2 years ago
  Jingbei Li 45905e8f35 don't preserve any attributes by default 2 years ago
  Jingbei Li bdc1df9b6f update readme.rst to readme.md in setup.py 2 years ago