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  Jingbei Li aad446095c bump version 4 years ago
  Matteo Cypriani 67469febfb Strip trailing whitespaces 3 years ago
  Matteo Cypriani 8d60858375 hgignore -> gitignore 3 years ago
  Goffi 3da160e582 update about's gcp's page 10 years ago
  Goffi 0e2d0ceb37 typo 10 years ago
  Goffi d7e819b297 Added tag gcp v0.1.3 for changeset 9b01ee8625a6 10 years ago
  Goffi 4385301994 added manifest, removed v0.1.3 tag 10 years ago
  Goffi 7287b3d68b Added tag gcp v0.1.3 for changeset 67385805ae48 10 years ago
  Goffi a4d71cb78e updated version number & changelog 10 years ago
  Goffi 335aefc5ed added test suit 10 years ago
  Goffi f2e43f64b6 fixed exit status 10 years ago
  Goffi 22799d148d exit status updated and shown in manpage 10 years ago
  Goffi fb6842153b Test suit 10 years ago
  Goffi 4271439cab non 0 return code on failure: 10 years ago
  Goffi bee2cd541d gcp DIR1 DIR2 better handling: 10 years ago
  Goffi 81d6de4e04 setup's description update, needed for pypi 10 years ago
  Goffi 47edb60307 Added tag gcp v0.1.2 for changeset b5c525dfec33 10 years ago
  Goffi 58d89ee8c0 version update 10 years ago
  Goffi c651690091 CHANGELOG update 10 years ago
  Goffi 018978efa4 Thomas Preud'homme email address update 10 years ago
  Goffi 17bc3cee4d removed bad fd close 10 years ago
  Goffi 504f6b9758 updated man page (added dereference and no-dereference options description) 10 years ago
  Goffi 7e6efb49a9 fixed crash when source file can't be opened 10 years ago
  Goffi 2f998e05a3 Symbolic link skipping 10 years ago
  Goffi d33f55103c fixed crash when a source dir can't be accessed 10 years ago
  Goffi f8d10637a1 README updated (contributions + thx) 10 years ago
  Goffi 6c85b2df75 updated setup.py: manpage is now installed 10 years ago
  Thomas Preud'homme 38e1b79ffa manpage 10 years ago
  Thomas Preud'homme 8e600353d7 os.stat precision fix 10 years ago
  Goffi 5256579ac4 updated date in source code & README + updated links 10 years ago
  Goffi d5624e1af9 installtion: install script first draft 10 years ago
  Goffi f61e0a823b fixed .hgtags 10 years ago
  Goffi 0dc39524d7 Added tag gcp v0.1 for changeset 568af0d2333a 11 years ago
  Goffi b339894ac4 Added tag gcp v0.1.1 for changeset 13588cba7f84 11 years ago
  Goffi ea46932039 fixed wrong date in CHANGELOG 11 years ago
  Goffi 898b9469a1 Removed tag gcp v0.1.1 11 years ago
  Goffi 16019c583c Removed tag gcp v0.1 11 years ago
  Goffi fb2df7be19 Added tag gcp v0.1.1 for changeset 1912ace37f32 11 years ago
  Goffi cac1417bbc changed version to 0.1.1 11 years ago
  Goffi 043c3eeebb updated french translation 11 years ago
  Goffi fd26af8192 Added changelog 11 years ago
  Goffi 7226074954 Added 'gcp file dest_file' syntax management 11 years ago
  Goffi 3df4c89e01 fixed bad closure when a file already exists 11 years ago
  Goffi 7e6275ab07 removed color from copy failed error message 11 years ago
  Goffi ea3b75a565 Error are now shown after the end of the copy 11 years ago
  Goffi 19e736d61c Journal double-entry check + unicode source_path fix + typo 11 years ago
  Goffi dfa7d94608 Added tag gcp v0.1 for changeset 30104ca340e2 11 years ago
  Goffi 7f38264590 README update 11 years ago
  Goffi 454c638727 --no-unicode-fix commented, and README update 11 years ago
  Goffi 62698fa1bd updated french translation 11 years ago